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Mercedes VGS Manager V 1.6

Easy to enable Manual, Agility modes in EGS52, EGS53, VGSNAG2, enable paddles, change axle ratio and many other.
Software generates checksum automatically. Need only get string from Vediamo, change options and copy new string back.

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       The 7-speed automatic transmission transfers engine power to the road with
       even greater ease and boasts a winning combination of smoother
       gear-shifting , lower fuel consumption and reduced emission .





      7-G TRONIC PLIUS :



       Is the latest version of the successful 7-speed automatic transmission

      from Mercedes-Benz .



            - Y3/8Y1 Working pressure control solenoid
            - Y3/8Y2 K1 Clutch solenoid
            - Y3/8Y3 K2 Clutch solenoid
            - Y3/8Y4 K3 Clutch solenoid
            - Y3/8Y5 B1 Brake clutch solenoid
            - Y3/8Y6 B2 Brake clutch solenoid
            - Y3/8Y7 B3 Brake clutch solenoid
            - Y3/8Y8 Torque converter lockup solenoid
            - Y3/8N1 Turbine speed sensor
            - Y3/8N2 Internal speed sensor 
            - Y3/8N3 Output speed sensor
            - Y3/8N4 Fully integrated transmission control
            - Y3/8S1 Selection range sensor





      We are able to program all kinds new 7-G Tronic and reprogram used with 
      original SCN coding .


Mercedes-Benz Automatic

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