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Mercedes Benz Engine ECU Repair



We can repair most Mercedes-Benz Engine ECU for several common
faults which includes .
         - Vehicle not starting when hot
       - Low fuel pressure when hot
       - Engine fan runs at full speed at times for no obvious reason 


Also commonly fails causing fault codes relating to throttle body stiff .


         - Jammed
       - Blocked due to ice
       - Alternator serial interface communication faults and communication
       - Starter or alternator faults 



Also there are many problems caused by bad wiring harness in OLD ECU for several common faults includes .


         - Injectors
        - Idle problems
        - Ignition output 



The SCN Coding


We all know without SCN coding the ECU not work properly we offer you some
 help , please use our E-mail danab-auto-service@hotmail.com
send us :
        - VIN number
      - Part number



To Make Virgin


We work with your data no need more ECU to gain time & not spend
 a lot of money for you with shipping please use
 our E-mail  danab-auto-service@hotmail.com


send us :

     - ECU data

     - VIN number

     - Part number 

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