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MB - EZS / EIS Electronic Ignition Switch


         The Mercedes DAS system mainly works around the EIS so any
       malfunction or fault may cause the system to not work .
       The EIS hold vital key data and links to the ECU and ESL
        and also acts as a central gateway to other vehicle
        electronics meaning EIS and key faults could seem to
        cause other system faults .




     EZS / EIS  electronic ignition switch faults              
       Many EZS/EIS can be easily fixed , with replacement parts or service
      exchange unit - if a unit cannot be repaired or replaced we can
      supply a new unit which is fully plug and play requiring no other
      programming .




     Replaced EZS / EIS
     Also we can work with your data no need more EZS/EIS to gain
      time & not spend a lot of money for you with shipping please use our
      E-mail danab-auto-service@hotmail.com to send new unit with
      fully plug and play requiring no other programing .


        send us :
                   - EZS/EIS data
              - VIN number
              - Part number

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