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MB - ELV / ESL Electronic Steering Lock



        Before the updating from factory there are many problems about
      failing ELV/ESL in cars on the beginning "2007" onward .
       The ELV/ESL on this range is unlike other models , and the car relies
       on a signal from it to allow the engine to work if the other computers in car
       does not see the signal from the impossible to operate for safety reasons .
     ELV / ESL Faults
           - Key turns but no ignition light and no engine start 
         - Key turns and releases lock but no engine start
         - The steering lock stays in the off position after removing the key
         - The steering lock is locked and doesn't release when key is inserted 


     Many ELV/ESL can be easily fixed , by motors' replacement by your self
     or any specialized garage near to you , But after replacement sometimes
     it still doesn't work !!
     If you can't replace or repair , we can supply a new unit or send old kit to us 
     to do full repairs , ready to  plug and play requiring no other programming .



     Send us :


       - EZS/EIS data as a dump ,please use E-mail danab-auto-service@hotmail.com

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