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    MB - ISM


Intelligent Servo Module

The intelligent servo module (ISM) for Direct Select (A80)

  is mounted on the left side of the automatic transmission in the

  direction of travel it allows the system to read the selected drive

  position via electrical signals and to engage the drive position

  via a mechanical interface on the transmission .



                 Used in Mercedes-Benz vehicles

                         with 722.9 7G-Tronic



Typical Trouble :


     - Error 1984 

       Description : Unknown fault code Unknown fault type 1


     - Error 1994

       Description : Component A80

       (Intelligent servo module for direct select) is defective Repair





        Only the new type need Online SCN coding



Old type no need for SCN coding or other special procedure to be performed

    1-select vehicle

    2-selection sensor adaptation procedure to be executed

    3-this can be done using the MB-STAR/XENTRY diagnostic tool


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