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Mercedes-Benz Smart Keys Repair 


      The Mercedes keys is unlike other cars keys as it uses advanced
      infrared and radio .
        frequency technology to communicate with the security system in your
       vehicle via a unique rolling code system .
       The downside to this advanced technology is that it can easily be
        damaged if dropped or comes in contact with liquid .
      Common faults :


           - Key won't lock or unlock vehicle
           - Mercedes key wont turn in ignition
           - Convenience opening & closing not functioning
           - Cracked key buttons
           - One or more buttons not working
           - liquid damaged
           - No dash lights after starting
           - Indicators , windscreen wipers , windows & other electronics not working after start


        Additional Keys : 


        We are also able to program additional keys to all Mercedes-Benz vehicles old
        type to new , also the vehicles have BGA & KEYLESS-GO  Keys .
        We work with your data no need more EZS/EIS to gain time & not spend a lot 
        money for you please use our E-mail  danab-auto-service@hotmail.com .



      Send us :


                    - EZS/EIS Data
               - Vin number




        Lost Keys :     


         For this service we require the original data from EZS/EIS only  
         to gain time & not spend a lot money for you with shipping use
         our E-mail danab-auto-service@hotmail.com
         OR if you don't have any devices for these only send to us
         the old EZS/EIS to resend with additional keys of quantity you need .



      Send us :


                 - EZS/EIS Data OR send to us                           
            - Vin number

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